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PSI has worked in partnership with a variety of organisations. Often this takes the form brief working relations with different types of client organisations. However there are some organisations PSI has worked with over a longer period of time to deliver particular outcomes:

>> Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phemena (ASSAP)
ASSAP is a national research and education charity, that has been setting the standard since 1981.
PSI is an affiliate group of ASSAP, has recieved ASSAP research funding and several members of the PSI team currently serve on ASSAP's Executive.

>> Gift Aid through HMRC
PSI is registered as an education and research charity with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. For every £1 that PSI recieves in donations the taxman gives PSI an additional 28p on top.

>> National Lottery through Awards for All
In 2008 the National Lottery awarded PSI £1603 of funding to help deliver the Swindon's Haunted Heritage project. Later in 2008 the National Lottery provided PSI with a grant of £2033 to provide free education events for A-Level students and others.

>> New College, Swindon
PSI is working with New College, one of the region's top Further Education providers to deliver rational education to the public, through a formal college setting.

>> Swindon Borough Council
PSI and SBC collaborated on the Haunted Swindon Project - by allowing access to vary sites and resources - commencing in 2006.
This project aimed to educate through the medium of preservation of culture, and also contributed towards PSI's wider research aims.

Other organisations PSI has worked with on a longer term basis include the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), English Heritage, Wiltshire Fire Service and the Woodchester Mansion Trust.