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PSI and the BBC Website
BBC logo
PSI has an ongoing relationship with the BBC Wiltshire website since 2004, and has contributed to various other BBC website regions.

Below are a list of links to BBC articles, recently these have been written by PSI Consultant Ken Taylor:

Bodmin Gaol mention, BBC News (January 2009)
Undisclosed Location: BBC Wiltshire (September 2008)
PSI Recruitment: BBC Wiltshire (July 2008)
Haunted Swindon DVD: BBC Wiltshire (November 2007)
Fire Station: BBC Wiltshire (October 2007)
Stanton Farmhouse: BBC Wiltshire (October 2007)
Littlecote House: BBC Wiltshire (May 2007)
Jolly Tar: BBC Wiltshire (January 2007)
Red Lion: BBC Wiltshire (January 2007)
Little Chef Report: BBC Oxford (September 2006)
Antiques Centre Report: BBC Wiltshire (May 2006)
The Forge Report: BBC Wiltshire (May 2006)
Woodchester Mansion Report: BBC Gloucestershire (February 2006)
Pengersick Report: BBC Cornwall (December 2005)
BBC News: Pengersick (November 2005)
Fire Station Report: BBC Bristol (November 2005)
Wyvern Theatre Report: BBC Wiltshire (August 2005)
BBC News: Michelham Priory (August 2005)
BBC News: Cornwall (July 2005)
BBC News: Wyvern Theatre (July 2005)
Corsham TIC Report: BBC Wiltshire (June 2005)
BBC News: Bodmin Gaol 2 (April 2005)
BBC News: Bodmin Gaol 1 (April 2005)
Chavenage House Report: BBC Gloucestershire (March 2005)
The Ancient Ram Report: BBC Gloucestershire (March 2005)
The Cross Guns Report: BBC Wiltshire (March 2005)
Black Swan Report: BBC Wiltshire (December 2004)
Private Report: BBC Wiltshire (November 2004)
Red Lion Report: BBC Wiltshire (October 2004)
Wiltshire Ghost Hunters: BBC Wiltshire (October 2004)