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PSI: Our Approach

PSI is engaged in scientific research into the causes of anomalous experience. A lot of people make the same claim, but what does this really mean?

Impartial and Unbiased
We do not pre-suppose the existence of 'paranormal' forces. It is not possible to be scientific where ones approach to research is assumption-led. Impartiality means not making any assumptions about 'evidence' and giving primary consideration to the xenonormal.

Xenonormal Studies
Xenonormal is the term used to describe stimuli which are normal, but unknown to the person perceiving them. Anomaly research is cluttered with poor methods for gathering 'evidence', often ignoring the due weight that should be given to the xenonormal under the scientific method.

Scientific Method
Science is not synonymous with the use of 'gadgets', often quite the reverse. Science involves the dispassionate testing of hypotheses, excluding the role of chance and basing research upon valid and provable assumptions.

No Assumption-Led Approach
Poor reasoning and evidential analysis has led to adoption by many of assumption-led approaches. These tools and methods have been demonstrated to be lacking in meaningful evidence; at best unproven and at worst disproven. The methods PSI never employs in fieldwork include: electronic voice phenomena (EVP), trigger objects, photography, spiritualism, dowsing of any kind and instrumental transcommunication.
Similarly, tools never employed include: standard EMF meters, ion counters, ultrasonic meters, standard temperature gauges, etc.

Finding the Truth
Only by being fully committed to establish the 'normal' can one ever hope to study what is currently unexplainable - where it is accepted that 99% of 'paranormal evidence' is neither scientifically gathered nor unexplainable - and ever hope to progress the study of what is unexplained.
The assumption-led approach has produced a mountain of fools gold, the impartial and rational approach deserves a proper chance.

That is what PSI aims to do.