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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I want to send you a photo of my orb!
We would rather you did not. If you accept the scientific method then everything you need to know is at PSI's dedicated orb website:
If you do not, then there are plenty of pseudo-scientific practitioners online who will gladly reinforce false attributions.

Where are you based?

Most of the PSI team are based in the north Wiltshire area.

Do you do this for a living?
No; no one does. There is no public money available for investigations or psychical research. Through charging, individuals can make a living as can entertainers or event organisers. These are not essentially paranormal investigators. Around 30 postgraduates world-wide are employed to research Parapsychology, although research into 'ghosts' does not fall directly into this category. It is possible to be voluntary but not amateur, however. Many groups investigate for a hobby or to 'thrill-seek'. A small number of groups including PSI strive to be voluntary but professional.

How can I study parapsychology?
Parapsychology is a post-graduate specialism of the academic discipline psychology. A 'parapsychologist' is an academic who has studied the specialism at post-graduate level. Several short courses and online courses are offered in 'parapsychology' which are not accredited. These should not be treated as qualifications in parapsychology. The best way to study parapsychology is to enrol on an MSc/PhD course in a University that specialises in the field.

How much does it cost to be involved with PSI?
PSI makes no charge for membership, involvement or fieldwork. The fieldwork team pay a monthly subscription.

Can I join PSI?
You can join PSI for free, entitling you to receive our newsletter, journal and apply to become further involved. To sign up please use the form to the top right of this page, or email us.

How do I become more involved with PSI?
PSI occasionally accepts applications for regular members to join the fieldwork team. Sign up, using the form on the right, to receive updates.. To get involved with research, please visit the research section of the website, here.

Why is it not easier to get involved with PSI fieldwork?
PSI caps its active members to two tiers, so that PSI can invest time and resources in developing volunteer skills. PSI ensures the suitability of volunteers through a rigorous selection procedure for the peace of mind of venue owners, cohesion of the team and reliability of the results reported. This process also benefits incoming members, so they can be sure they are entering a trusting, stable and safe group.

I own/manage a venue that I would like to be investigated. Do you make any service charges?
PSI never makes any charges for service. Please visit the investigation request section of the website here.

Are there any paranormal investigation groups in my area?
Almost certainly. If you search the internet, almost every county in the UK has at least one investigation team based there. Many groups do not accept new investigators, but do avoid signing up to the first team that might accept you. Paranormal investigations are entirely unregulated, and there are a number of teams with unprofessional, unethical or dangerous methods of practice. Of the more noteworthy organisations, some are scientific-rationally focused and others spiritually-focused. It is worth researching to find out which is the best team for you, and ask for advice from others.

Can my website exchange links/banners with yours?
PSI welcomes communications from other organisations and each exchange request is dealt with on a case by case basis - contact us. Any other website should feel free to link to this website.

Can I send you an unusual photo I have taken?
PSI responds to all enquiries. It should be noted that oftentimes conclusions cannot be drawn without PSI having in-depth knowledge of the exact circumstances surrounding the capturing of a photograph. Please view sceptically any team that claims to do otherwise.

I have another question It is most likely dealt with elsewhere on the website, but please do feel free to email us with any enquiries: contact us.