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Journal Volume 5, Number 1

Conclusions on Investigation Experimentation: EVP, ITC and Trigger Objects
Swale, T. & Wood, D.

Investigation Equipment: The Role of Chance

Non-Random Output of a Random Number Generator During an Apparent Poltergeist/RSPK Experience: A Case Study
Schumacher, D.    

Expectation and the use of Séances during Field Investigations
Wood, D. & Wooff, N.   

Book Review: The A-Z Spiritualism Dictionary
Swale, T.       

Book Review: The Great Paranormal Clash
Swale, T.       

Report of an Investigation into Stanton Park Farmhouse, Nov 08 to Jan 09
Bakewell, S., Gasson, L., Gould, M., Haskins, R., O’Halloran, C.,
Sewell, N., Sherwood, S., Swale, T., Wills, S. & Wood, D.

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