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Welcome to the creative partnership of Ken and Joules Taylor,
wordwrights and more.

Inaugurated 1992, online since 1998.

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Visit Heartsown, the publishing wing of WaveWrights,
to read about Prime Contact and Missions,
the first two books in Joules' Haadri cycle!

Stay up to date at the Haadri Blog

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Sci-fi to believe in

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Fans of Joules Taylor's vourdaki, a vampiric species introduced in her Haadri novels, will particularly appreciate her new book devoted to vampires. This comprehensive look at modern and traditional vampires, in real life and movies etc, gives an invaluable overview of humanity's enduring fascination with Vampires.

A companion volume, written by Ken Taylor under the nom-de-plume Jon Izzard, explores the weird world of Werewolves.

The Vault

A treasury of short stories, vignettes, fanfiction, erotica, sci-fi and horror!

Professionals Fanfiction can be found in Safehouse 13.

Adult fiction, fanfiction and anime fanfic are in password-protected sections of this site. For details on joining, go to the Access page,
or login here.

You can now keep up to date with any fiction posts by checking the
Updates Blog.

The Galleries
Joules' graphics - festivals, LexxFolk, animations etc

Valkyrie's Galleries - gloriously rich art, glowing and intricate...

Naomi's Art Gallery - stunning original works .

Alithiel's Page - beautiful fan artwork.

Forever is a Lonely Place and other lyrical pieces

20th Century Gargoyle Presents... Fun Stuff and general silliness!

Lexxplorations Analyses, Debates, All things Lexx


Occasional Feature

To find out what's been happening in the Taylor household, you could always check out
Zone Doubt, Joules' blog.

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