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PSI > About PSI > Latest News > March 2009

Latest News from March 2009

PSI Presents Course Materials For Post-Sixteen Educators and Students

Following an award of more than £2,000 PSI from the National Lottery, PSI has unveiled its teachers’ guide for ‘Life After Death: Survival’, an A2 level ethics and philosophy course for students in postsixteen education.
Designed specifically to tie in with the curriculum module ‘Philosophical Problems With An Afterlife’, the guide examines the evidence for and against the ‘survival hypothesis’ of life after death. This includes discussion of Spritualism, Instrumental Transcommunication, ghost photography and the reliability of eyewitness testimony in hauntings. Also included are a sample lesson plan and reading list.
As part of its Lottery grant PSI is committed to direct delivery of the course through one-off teaching sessions for schools and colleges. Presented by qualified post-sixteen educators the sessions are designed to be lively, interactive and the catalyst for debate.
A number of colleges have already made enquiries, although it is not too late to secure one of these sessions. For further details about events or a copy of the teacher’s guide please contact Dave Wood by email: [email protected].

Recruitment Drive Delivers Two New Members

Sarah BakewellPSI are pleased to formally welcome Sarah Bakewell (pictured) and Rose Haskins to the Investigation Team.
More than 115 applicants contacted Team Development Co-ordinator Nicky Sewell to express interest in vacancies arising as a result of PSI adopting a new investigation method mid-way through 2008.
To be successful the pair attended an introduction evening, were short-listed, interviewed and completed last autumn’s Training Investigation along with four others who did not make selection. Peer-assessed longitudinal fieldwork represented the final stage of the selection process, ensuring only the highest quality applicants succeeded in their quest to become team members.
No further vacancies currently exist on the Investigation Team although PSI will publicly announce details of any forthcoming recruitment process.

Swindon Still Haunted

Haunted Swindon book‘Haunted Swindon - A Census of Hauntings’ is Dave Wood and Nicky Sewell’s critically acclaimed exploration of ghost sightings and encounters within the town.
Unlike the majority of other local history titles with a paranormal slant, the editors consider each case within its own context.
They rationally examine the evidence and issues from an array of hauntings past and present. Included are details from PSI’s own investigations at a selection of the locations.
‘Haunted Swindon’ is available for purchase from

Write For The PSI Journal

PSI is encouraging prospective writers to contribute to its Journal of Investigative Psychical Research.
Published online twice yearly, the peer reviewed Journal aims to reflect current thinking, investigation techniques and experimentation within the field of paranormal investigations. Research notes, articles, letters and new book reviews are all welcome to be submitted for consideration. Contact the editorial team by email for more details, [email protected], or view past editions of the journal here.