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Electronic Voice Phenomena: Is the Mystery in the Method?

PSI’s Dave Wood casts a cursory glance at the phenomenal phenomenon of EVP.

Electro-Voice Phenomena is one of the most popular forms of paranormal ‘evidence’ and ‘pursuit’ in the field today. EVP could be seen as a popular theme in the UK but internationally it is a phenomenon all of itself.

As a phenomenon EVP itself is little understood, even at a descriptive level. Various websites boast non-auditory EVP. Every bang and crack is defined as an EVP, despite the term ‘voice’ in the descriptor. Similarly the grammatically anal could point to the redundant plural of “EVP’s”. Rather reminiscent of the numerous ‘orb’ photos showing light phenomena of all different shapes!

However this form of ‘non-vocal’ electro-voice is the first an observer would discard. Whilst this is an area in need of scientific evidence, the anecdotal evidence is plentiful. One PSI investigation saw individuals confused by entirely irregular clicks. Viewing of the video-tape clearly showed a regular 30-second click of normal mechanical cause, and goes to show how much our brain ‘filters out’. Non-vocal EVP can often be discarded as noises, which were simply not noticed by those present.

Similarly the indistinct noises which can be interpreted as voices hold little water with outside observers. Whilst a lot of scientific research is needed in this area, anecdotal evidence has shown that indistinct EVP can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways. People often ‘hear the right thing’ when someone tells them what they are meant to be listening for.

What we may be left with is the distinct voices, surely these cannot be misattribution or attention deficit? They still may be, just in a less obvious way. Everyone has heard the theory that distinct EVP is radio interference. How about a member of the team saying something and not remembering? How about the misinterpretation of a noise caused by the moving parts of a tape recorder? Maybe this is the case – maybe it isn’t.

What is clear to this researcher, anecdotally, is that I have never heard evidence of EVP where people have used ‘clean’ white noise and everyone has been still and silent. Each occasion a detuned radio has been involved or people have been walking around. The method is sloppy and doomed to failure as evidence.

But maybe we are wrong? If anyone reading this has managed to record EVP under strictly controlled conditions we want to hear from you! PSI will be scientifically studying the subject of EVP, but to start that process we need your help.