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This section carries 'abstracts' (or very brief summaries) of articles contained in the PSI Journal of Investigative Psychical Research.


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Volume 1, Issue 1


Hauntings of Wiltshire – Westwood Manor
by Peter Underwood

Book Review: Jane Henry's Parapsychology

Book Review: Joshua P. Warren's How to Hunt Ghosts

Book Review: Tony Liddell's Otherworld North East

‘Orb theory’ and the Correlation between ‘Orb Anomalies’ and Digital Camera Megapixelage [Read Abstract]
by Dave Wood

Eyewitness Testimony and the Paranormal Investigator: A Rational Perspective [Read Abstract]
by Dave Wood and Nicky Sewell

Paranormal Investigation Report: Michelham Priory
by Paranormal Site Investigators


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