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PSI Newsletter

The PSI newsletter is a fully art worked five-page publication, and carries articles relating to PSI news, recent and future investigations and media operations.

The newsletter also carries brief cutting edge research articles.

The newsletter is available to members only and is produced five to six times per year.

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PSI Journal of Investigative Psychical Research

The PSI Journal is a substantive, academic-style publication carrying research and experimental articles, book reviews and external contributions.

The Journal is available to members only and is published twice per calendar year.

Find out more about the journal here.




PSI Investigation Reports

PSI produces a substantive report for most investigations.  Because of ethical concerns, very few of these reports are made publicly available.  However, the BBC website carries report summaries for most investigations.

Download a sample full paranormal investigation report here.


PSI Annual Report

PSI produces its annual report for members every summer.

The three-page publication carries very brief summaries of all PSI's core activities.



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