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 A select few testimonials from those who have worked with PSI:

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"English Heritage has a high profile and professionalism is a key part of the services we expect from clients.  Paranormal Site Investigators upheld this professionalism and we are happy to recommend them."
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"I have always been impressed with the ethics with which PSI reports its
investigations.  It's refreshing to work with an organisation that does
not sensationalise, but which reports responsibly and professionally."

Daniel Garrett, BBC Online Journalist

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Wyvern Theatre "was pleasantly surprised to find the whole operation professional, scientific and level-headed.  The whole team was respectful, friendly and very professional in conduct.  One meeting with a representative of PSI put all of our concerns to rest."  

"[PSI] seems to have a serious scientific and professional approach to paranormal investigations with a good deal of knowledge and background in psychology. [PSI] and its website stands out from many of the others that appear to be less serious or less professional or which have clear biases."

Dr Simon Sherwood, Lecturer of Psychology & Parapsychology


"[PSI is] an admirable organisation, whose scientific enthusiasm, investigating procedures and overall aims and approach [I] much admire."

Peter Underwood FRSA, writer, broadcaster and renowned paranormal investigator

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