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For media journalists who would like to more know about how PSI works with the media, please visit the for the press section.

PSI works with the media primarily to raise public awareness of the field of paranormal investigation

and psychical research.

Such work is never for self-promotion; it is geared towards raising the level of rational debate amongst the public.  The popularity of the field as at an all time high, but is often trivialised or misrepresented by entertainment-geared outlets. 

PSI works to counter this trend by presenting the field as one of scientific, rational professionals trying to find answers.

Some of PSI's media work takes place within the context of individual investigations and their findings.  Some venue owners request no media attention.  Under such circumstances we adhere strongly to our confidentiality policies.


Navigate this section to find out about our TV, national press, radio and local press work, as well as our relationship with the BBC.

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