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Welcome to PSI, this section may help answer any questions you might have. If not feel free to email us.


Why give the paranormal coverage?

Interest in the paranormal is very high at the present time. With millions of people tuning into paranormal TV programmes, and increase in coverage on television generally, radio, newspapers and magazines.


Are the public really interested?

Recent surveys by academic institutions show that around 50% of the public believe in some paranormal phenomena. There is a need amongst the public for information on the subject.


Is this because people like to be scared?

Whether it is, or not, PSI media representatives do not tell 'ghost stories' or endorse frivolous treatment or cliché. 

We believe this handling insults the intelligence of media-users and that a sizeable proportion of people are actually interested in the reality of investigation and research.


Why should I work with PSI in particular?

Some media work with PSI because they wish to pursue a regional connection, and PSI is the organisation in the south west with the most media experience.

Other media representatives approach PSI for national pieces because of the wealth of experience PSI has with TV, radio and the written media, or because of PSI's professional reputation.


What can PSI help with?

PSI representatives are also experienced at answering readers', viewers' and listeners' questions about the paranormal.  PSI also comments, researches, or debates the scientific and sociological nature of paranormal investigation and psychical research.


How do I contact PSI's media representative?

Email us detailing your contact details and your preferred method of contact, and we will contact you quickly.


How can I keep up-to-date with PSI activity?

Email us to be added to our list of contacts to receive PSI press releases.


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