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PSI is happy to work with national press and magazines to promote the field of paranormal investigation and psychical research positively and rationally.

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Date: December 2007

Publication: ASSAP News

Subject: Haunted Swindon DVD

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Date: October 2007

Publication: MysteryMag

Subject: Profile of PSI

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Date: October 2007

Publication: The Psychic News

Subject: Fire Station Investigations




Date: February 2006

Publication: Paranormal Magazine

Subject: Mention in Peter Underwood feature.





Date: October 2005

Publication: The Psychic Voice

Subject: Ethical Sensory Deprivation







Date: April 2005

Publication: The Times

Subject: Bodmin Gaol Investigation


Date: November 2004

Publication: The Fortean Times

Subject: Red Lion Investigation



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