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Orb theory’ and the Correlation between ‘Orb Anomalies’ and Digital Camera Megapixelage

by Dave Wood

One aim of this research note was to bring together the various ‘orb theories’ into one place for the purpose of encouraging alternative hypotheses from researchers for future inclusion. The second aim of this research note was to present preliminary findings of an experiment testing correlation between orb anomalies captured and digital camera megapixelage.
Four self-selected participants with four cameras engaged in sixteen photographic conditions; analysts measured the instances of orb anomalies on photographs.
Results showed a correlation between digital camera megapixelage and orb anomalies, and also showed a lack of orb anomalies in 35mm camera conditions.
Firm conclusions could not be drawn due to the small number of ‘hit trials’, but suggestions were set out for a more wide-ranging experimental design.


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