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PSI recognises that different circumstances and varying objectives lead individuals to contact PSI.

Individuals tend to chose PSI because our reputation for professional excellence, our sensitivity, and frequently because they live in a region that has been investigated by PSI.

 PSI never makes any service charges for investigations.


Commercial properties: investigations

PSI traditionally investigates commercial properties, such as museums, castles, public houses and hotels. PSI has an effective media machine which can generate positive, rational media coverage for venues if requested, but also can operate with strictest confidentiality where requested.

Download sample paranormal investigation report.


Private properties: assessing your needs

PSI has investigated a number of private homes, from terraced houses to stately homes. Our private case co-ordinator works with families to assess the best course of action for them. Where a formal investigation is inappropriate, or where families would prefer a spiritual solution, PSI acts as a referral agent to more appropriate services.


Our code of conduct

PSI abides by strict codes of conducts and investigation protocols.  All venues and houses are guaranteed a friendly, professional, unobtrusive investigation to the highest of standards, with post-investigation support available. 

PSI always stays in touch with venues and families for as long as they need after investigations - we never just walk away.

PSI typically presents venues with a substantive report following any investigation, but in other cases will always share results and conclusions with venues and families.


You can find more information on our approach and method in the about us section of the website.


To contact us to request and investigation please email us.


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