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PSI Investigations 2005



Location: Undisclosed, Wiltshire

Date: January 2005

Description: None



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Venue: Clifton Inn

Location: Swindon, Wiltshire

Date: 5th March 2005

Description: Nineteenth century inn built on the site of an old priory. 

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Venue: Bodmin Gaol

Location: Cornwall

Date: 2nd April 2005

Description: Eighteenth century gaol and execution location. 

Investigation reports: BBC report.


PSI as UKParanormal Guests

Venue: Bell Inn

Location: Nottingham 

Date: 9th April 2005

Description: Inn and underground cave system.

Investigation reports: UKP Site




Location: Undisclosed, Cheltenham

Date: May 2005

Description: None


Venue: Heritage & Tourist Centre

Location: Corsham, Wiltshire

Date: 21st May 2005

Description: Arnold House is an 400 year old former residence for affluent families.

Investigation reports: BBC report.



Venue: Old Wardour Castle

Location: Wiltshire

Date: 11th June 2005

Description: Unique medieval six-sided castle built in the fourteenth century. 

Investigation reports: None by request.


Venue: Wyvern Theatre

Location: Swindon

Date: 9th July 2005

Description: Large twentieth century theatre building in the centre of Swindon.

Investigation reports: BBC report.



Venue: Michelham Priory

Location: East Sussex

Date: 6th August 2005

Description: Thirteenth century Augustinian priory.

Full investigation report here!


Venue: Private Residence

Location: Swindon, Wiltshire

Date: 10th September 2005

Description: Apartment within a modern executive block in Swindon town centre.

Investigation reports: BBC report.




Location: Black Horse, Wiltshire

Date: 17th September 2005

Description: Eighteenth century inn in Cherhill.

Fieldwork reports: BBC report.



Venue: Temple Back Fire Station

Location: Bristol

Date: 14th October  2005

Description: Functioning fire station in the centre of Bristol City.

Investigation reports: BBC report.


Venue: Pengersick Castle

Location: Cornwall

Date: 12th November 2005

Description: Dual towered, fortified Tudor castle.

Investigation reports: BBC report.



PSI members as ASSAP guests

Venue: Margam Castle

Location: South Wales 

Date: 19th November 2005

Description: Nineteenth century gothic mansion.



Location: The Ram, Gloucestershire

Date: 10th December 2005

Description: Built in 1145 allegedly on a burial ground, the Ram claims to be one of the oldest buildings in the country.



Venue: Synergy Nightclub

Location: St Helier, Jersey

Date: 28th December 2005

Description: Modern nightclub allegedly built over Church land.



Venue: Opera House

Location: St Helier, Jersey

Date: 30th December 2005

Description: Nineteenth century Opera House on the site of the fire wrecked Theatre Royal.




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