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Involvement with PSI research


In addition to the work PSI already does with investigation groups, there is the scope for any suitable person to get involved with PSI research.

You can help at any number of levels, either inside PSI or contributing from outside of PSI.


External involvement

Members of other teams or individuals can get involved, for example:

■ Submitting an article as a guest contributor

■ Joining the Editorial Board, for those with enough experience

■ Collaborating with PSI researchers on articles


Internal involvement

PSI members or others who want to get more involved can:

■ Help with article writing, research and experimental design

■ Submit book reviews, perhaps if you have less experience

■ Be involved as an experiment participant or assistant


Please email us if you would like to contribute or to get involved.


Information on contributions can be found in the PSI Journal of Investigative Psychical Research.

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