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Formal experiments


PSI is in agreement with parapsychologists and many other lay researchers in contending that the investigation of the paranormal and anomalous phenomena lends its to the social rather than the physical sciences; to psychology in particular.

Thus, the first range of formal PSI experimental belongs to psychology:


First range of experiments: Psychological

PSI's psychological experiments involve human participants in controlled settings. Such research is geared towards testing the theories and practice surrounding the investigation of the paranormal.  All experiments involving human participants conform to strict ethical guidelines.


Second range of experiments: Physical science

PSI recognises that physical science has a part of play in psychical research. Consider that many tenacious paranormal theories relate to physical science, particularly those relating to environmental correlations and kinetic forces.

Most formal academic study of the paranormal is psychological, in recognition of the major weakness of the field in that it is near impossible to observe spontaneous phenomena in a laboratory setting with the tools of physical science.

Thus, PSI's second range of experimentation takes place in naturalistic settings that are more controlled than investigation settings. Experiments primarily focus on formal testing of the equipment and methods used to investigate physically-focused tenacious paranormal theories.


All experiments conducted by PSI are reported in full in the PSI Journal of Investigative Psychical Research, which is free to all members of PSI (sign up form top right of screen).


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