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PSI runs a consultant scheme of individuals with specialist knowledge who are contacted periodically by PSI.


Good paranormal investigation requires a sound level of knowledge in too many disciplines for any one team to specialise.  Consultants fill in those vital gaps, offering their expert knowledge or skills for the benefit of PSI investigations and research


Our current consultants include:


Consultant name Area of Expertise
Dr Jason Braithwaite University neuro-psychologist
Madeleine Harwood PhD candidate working at Oxford University studying the paranormal in the written word
Paul Haydon Tourism researcher
Chris Huff M.A. Qualified archaeologist and long-standing paranormal investigator
Dr Alan Jones Hypnosis, memory and earth sciences
Dr Andrew Nichols US-based parapsychologist
Mark Norman and Tracey Owen-Jones Forensic video analysis; managers of a video production company
Andrew Oakley Technical aspects of radio
Michael Pearson Crime Scene Investigator (Police)
Dr Hugh Pincott Chemistry
Dr Simon Sherwood University senior lecturer in psychology & parapsychology
Ken Taylor Author and historical researcher
Maurice Townsend Long standing researcher and Author of "The Paranormal Investigators Handbook"
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