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Dave is 25 and has lived in the south west for most of his life.  As Co-ordinator, Dave is responsible for the overall running of PSI, its investigations and its media operations. Dave is also co-editor of the PSI Journal. Dave has only been interested in this field for a few years, but his scientific grounding and BSc qualification have helped Dave to bring rationality to PSI operations. Dave's research interests including experiencer report and perception, photographic anomalies and underlying influences in the field of research.

Dave is currently Chairman of the national Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena.

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Nicky originally comes from Jersey in the Channel Islands. She left the island in 2000 to study psychology at the University of Plymouth. Her main area of interest is the psychology of anomalous experience, which she aspires to study at postgraduate level.

Research interests include factors effecting experiencer reports and the role of paranormal belief on reporting behaviour. She is also soon to be leading the organisation's replication of the 1970's Philip Experiment.

As a qualified trainer, Nicky is responsible for individual and team development within the organisation. Nicky frequently works with the media on behalf of PSI. Currently living in Swindon, Wiltshire, Nicky includes photography and politics amongst her interests and currently works in the charity sector.