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News from November 2007


Haunted Swindon DVD Launched!


As part of PSI’s ethical fundraising, they have produced the Haunted Swindon DVD, with all proceeds going to PSI the educational charity.

PSI co-founder Dave Wood said:
“Obviously the DVD has been a big hit in Swindon and surrounding areas, but we’re keen to emphasise that this DVD isn’t just a Swindon.
“Whilst it does explore the area’s heritage as part of the Haunted Swindon project, it also shows PSI’s findings in several cases and grants recorded access to a PSI investigation.
“Every penny goes to PSI’s attempt to build a scientifically credible method to investigate hauntings, so I’d like to appeal to our members to help by buying a copy from the website:”

You can also see a trailer of the DVD on the BBC website, follow the link to play the file at the bottom.


Severnside Centre for Fortean Research have also written a review of the Haunted Swindon DVD.


PSI Reaches 1000 Members Milestone
The PSI website signed up its one thousandth member in the last month (including deletion of old members, of course!).
Development officer Nicky Sewell said:
“1000 members is quite an achievement in a few short years. We’re pleased that so many people are taking an interest in rational enquiry into paranormal phenomena.
“Many more people are taking a casual interest in PSI, with our website still receiving in excess of 30,000 hits each and every month.”


ASSAP Affiliation

PSI has affiliated to the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, a national education and research charity based in the UK. ASSAP has been a beacon in the field of rational and scientific research for over 25 years and currently links twenty affiliate Groups in the UK. The process of affiliation checks on a Groups ethical and scientific principles, to a reasonable standard.
We would recommend ASSAP membership and affiliation to all Groups, researchers and those generally interested in the paranormal.


Contribute to PSI Journal


The next PSI Journal of Investigative Psychical Research is due for publication in February 2008.
We’d like to appeal for any interested researchers, investigators and commentators to submit an article, book review or letter.
Co-editor Dave Wood said:
“Being published in the PSI Journal is a great way for your views or experimental work to be seen by our 1000 members.
“If you’d like to make an impact then email us


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