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News from May 2007


Dedicated Orb Website Launched


Spirit Orbs Disproven?PSI is please to announce the launch of the long awaited dedicated Orb Zone website.
Research project leader Dave Wood said:
“This is a website supporting the PSI orb research study. As with most scientific research papers, it was not as accessible to the public as we we would have liked. This website has been designed to make the theory accessible.”
The website will explain the ‘Orb Zone’ theory step by step in a way that will be accessible and informative to the general public.
The site will also cover many often asked questions about orbs which the article was not able to cover, such as the unusual appearance of some orbs.
Please visit the website at: www.TheOrbZone.com

PSI Launches Investigator Recruitment


PSI TeamIn early 2008 PSI will be publishing the longitudinal results of its investigations to date. This rich data will be used to design an entirely new investigation methodology which we hope will dispense with the less useful methods of investigating and will come closer to investigating more meaningful paranormal phenomena.
Early indications suggest that PSI needs to grow its investigation team by 2-3 members in order to fully deploy this methodology.
Therefore we will be launching a recruitment season this summer in order to search for those members who would best complement our investigation team.
The recruitment is highly competitive. In last years recruitment we received 95 applicants but were only able to take on 2 new investigators. We use application forms, interviews, training and field assessment to find those applicants who have the skills and commitment to become PSI Investigators.  Click here for more.

PSI's Haunted Swindon Project a Hit


Lydiard HouseAs we reported in the last newsletter, PSI has entered into a partnership with Swindon Borough Council to launch the Haunted Swindon Project. The project, amongst other things, involves PSI accessing local government buildings and land, that would have been previously inaccessible, to conducting investigations.
The project has been a hit; with tens of thousands of hits to HauntedSwindon.com investigations booked up for the whole of 2007, and PSI is in discussion about book deals. The project also has a news ‘blog’ where you can keep up to date with the latest developments.

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