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The Cause of Hauntings?

Orbs Misunderstood

Charging for Investigations

Renovation Ghosts?

I Can't Believe It's Not Spectral

Is It Worth Chasing Folklore?

They're Coming For Your Kids

Battery Drain and Investigations

Big Brother Seeks Investigator

When the Doors Stay Locked

Science and Scepticism

The Trouble with Baselines

A Ghost in the Machine

Interactive Ghost Walks

Talking EMF Meters?

Is History useful After All?

Forgetting about Ghost Photos

Does a Building's History Matter?

Fallacy of Paranormal Democratic Science

Time to Throw out your Thermometers?

Where Have All the Ghosts Gone?

K2/KII Meter: An Analysis

Creating Hauntings: An Ethical Problem

EU Bashes Mediums: Repeal of FMA of 1951

Is Your House Haunted?

Beware the Auto Gain Circuit!

What is a Paranormal Investigator?

Are you Keeping your Findings to Yourself?

Infrasound, EMF and Misinformation

Paranormal Photography and the Smoking Ban

Mediumship and Mental Illness

The Four Types of Ghost Investigator

Paranormal Tourism

EVP: The Perennial Flaw

"My Science is Bigger than your Science"

EVP: Is the Mystery in the Method?

The Professional Paranormal Investigator?

'Detect Ghosts' with your Mobile Phone

The Paranormal Numbers Game

Investigating in the Dark

Investigating without Investigators: Automated Design

The Trouble with Equipment: Are you wasting you time?

"Spooxploitation": The Paranormal & Market Forces

Stone Tape Theory: An Exploration

Belief in the Paranormal: Can you believe what you see?

Haunted Halloween



No Photography

EMF Meter

Weather Station

A Numbers Game 

Mobile Phone Ghost!

The Stone Tape