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Full List of Research Articles

Research articles are substantive academic-style articles published in the PSI Journal of Investigative Psychical Research.
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Conclusions on Investigation Experimentation: EVP, ITC and Trigger Objects

Vol 5(1)

Investigation Equipment: The Role of Chance

Vol 5(1)

Non-Random Output of a Random Number Generator During an Apparent Poltergeist/RSPK Experience: A Case Study

Vol 5(1)

Expectation and the use of Séances during Field Investigations

Vol 5(1)

Book Review: The A-Z Spiritualism Dictionary

Vol 5(1)

Book Review: The Great Paranormal Clash

Vol 5(1)
Report of an Investigation into Stanton Park Farmhouse, Nov 08 to Jan 09 Vol 5(1)
A Three-Year Paranormal Investigation Methodology: Overview of Findings Vol 4(2)
Corner of the Eye Phenomena Vol 4(2)
An Irreplaceable Loss: The Life and Death of a Poltergeist Agent Vol 4(2)
Signals from the Void: ‘Ghosthunting’ and the Suitability of Electronic Measuring Devices Vol 4(2)
A New Investigation Methodology Vol 4(2)
Book Review: Dead Haunted Vol 4(2)
Book Review: Six Feet Over Vol 4(2)
Overview of Other Books on Release Vol 4(2)
The Future of PSI Paranormal Investigations
Some Guidelines for Investigating the Poltergeist
The Real Life "Entity" Case
Trends of Report Phenomena in a Paranormal TV Show
Book review: Ghosts Caught on Film
Book review: Ghost Hunting (TAPS)
Book review: The Ghost Files
Book review: Voices - A Doris Stokes Collection
Orbs - Introducing the Dust Wight
What's that Noise? Exploration in the New House Effect
EVP - Analysing Paranormal Sound Recordings
Trigger Objects - A Valid Investigation Technique?
Book review: Paranormal and the Politics of Truth
Book review: Footprints in the Snow: Tales of Haunted Russia
Are EMF Meters fit for purpose? Vol 3(1)
Meg: The Philip Experiment 30 Years On Vol 3(1)
Accounts of Experimentation into the Natural Causes of Orbs Vol 3(1)
Book review: Irreducible Mind Vol 3(1)
Book review: Dartmouth Ghosts and Mysteries Vol 3(1)
Book review: Ghost Hunter North East Vol 3(1)
The Truth about Orbs? Vol 2
Intuition, Belief & Investigating Vol 2
In Defence of Scepticism - Perceptions of Pseudo-Scepticism Vol 2
Public Danger? A New Breed of Parapsychologist Vol 2
Paranormal Investigations of the Little Chef report Vol 2
Book review: Will Storr vs. Supernatural Vol 2
Book review: Brislington Ghosts & Mysteries Vol 2

Hauntings of Wiltshire by Peter Underwood

Vol 1

‘Orb theory’ and Camera Megapixelage

Vol 1

Eyewitness Testimony and the Paranormal Investigator

Vol 1
Paranormal Investigation of Michelham Priory report Vol 1
Book review: Otherworld North East Vol 1
Book review: How to Hunt Ghosts Vol 1
Book review: Parapsychology