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What is PSI?PSI logo

PSI is an excepted education and research charity in the UK (registered as a charity with HM Revenue and Customs) with over 1400 associate members. It exists to educate the public about anomalous experiences, and to conduct scientific research.

Our clients have included Local Councils, Fire Authorities, English Heritage, the Church, the Forestry Commission, Peers of the Realm, property developers, heritage trusts, private businesses and private individuals.

Partners and funders have included ASSAP, GiftAid through HMRC, Swindon Borough Council, the National Lottery through Awards for All and New College, Swindon. We are also an affiliate of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena more>>

PSI's abbreviated objects are to:
1. Advance education of the public in the subject of anomalous experience through work with schools and colleges, Universities, training, lectures and work with others.
2. Advance science through scientific research into the subject by conducting formal research and fieldwork, working with other agencies, and publishing the results freely through this website and the PSI Journal.
3. Advance education through culture and heritage, for example the Haunted Swindon project.